Fill Citric Acid

50p per 100g

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What Is It

Acidic Chelating Agent

Where Does It Come From

Derived From Corn Sugar. Corn Is Harvested, Fermented, Acidified & Crystallised. It’s A Pretty Long Process With A Load Of Complex Filtration & Crystallisation

What Is It Good For

Helps shift limescale in hard water, hard water contains a whole lot of mineral ions – mostly calcium & magnesium ions. Citric acid works by grabbing (chelating) these ions & stopping them forming limescale

Home Clean All Rounder
Tackle Limescale
Make Your Own Descaler & Shower Clean
Eco Friendly
Dye Free

Please Keep Away From Moisture in an Airtight Container
How to Use
Descale the Kettle: Half Fill Kettle. Boil. Add 2 Tsp. Stand Until Cool
Descale the Toilet: Add Warm Water to Bowl. Add 2 Tbsp. Leave for 1 Hr + Flush
For Bathroom Cleaning: Add 1 Tsp to 1l Water. Spray on. Leave for 30 Secs. Wipe Off. Don’t Use on Natural Stone. Test on an Inconspicuous Area

100% Citric Acid
Please Note That Citric Acid Can Become Clumpy When Exposed to Air. It’s Fine to Use – Just Break Up With a Spoon Before Use