Fill Cleaning Vinegar

25p per 100g

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What is it

Acetic acid 4.8%

Where does it come from

Acetic acid produced in the UK. We dilute to a safer concentration.

What is it good for

Great at shifting limescale & good on glass, floors, work surfaces, bathrooms + more. Check out our recipe for cleaning your washing machine like a dream.

Vinegar is acidic. Don’t use on natural stone (like granite or marble quartz), unsealed grout or waxed surfaces. Test on an out of sight area. Dilute further if you’ve got any worries. Wear gloves!

Good on Glass, Floors, Work Surfaces, Bathrooms + More.
Make Your Own Descaler & Shower Clean
Eco Friendly
Dye Free
Vegan (Not for Food Use)

How to Use
For Glass & Surface Cleaning:
Dilute or Use Neat

For Descaling Toilets:
Add Warm Water to Bowl. Add 1⁄2 Cup. Leave for 1 Hr + Flush

For Bathroom Clean:
Mix 1:1 With Water. Spray on. Wipe Off

Contains Acetic Acid